Presentation at the Floating Wind Solution 2022 in Houston

Generation from offshore renewable energy is one of the goals of engineers and developers worldwide. On the one hand, it is about reducing CO2 and, on the other hand, about the self-sufficient operation of platforms. For example the oil & gas industry. Dr. Frank Adam, Head of Wind Engineering at GICON-Consult and expert for floating TLP platforms, has been working intensively with his team on the concept development for such platforms over the past years.

Self-sufficient energy development is the main focus

The oil & gas industry, as well as other branches, have set themselves the task of making their production low in CO2. For this reason, energy production for the oil & gas platform is realized through the use of wind energy. This enables a micro-grid and eliminates the need for fossil fuels. Surplus energy is stored in battery storage for later use.

GICON - Pioneer for Floating TLP Platforms

For almost 15 years the GICON Group has pioneered the development of floating substructures for wind turbines. "TLP structures have the advantage of being immensely stable, favoring worldwide deployment on steeply sloping coasts. In addition, our development of floating substructure, the GICON®-SOF, provides for a low material input, enabling us to achieve wind production costs of fixed offshore turbines already today," describes Dr. Frank Adam. In recent years, GICON® has also established a strategic partnership with the US company Glosten for further development in order to advance the joint efforts for the commercial implementation of floating TLP structures.

Floating Wind Solutions Conference 2022

The international conference in Houston, Texas, has been a focal point for experts and decision-makers from the wind and offshore industry for years. The main objective of the conference is to accelerate the energy transition by focusing on the industrialization and commercialization of floating wind energy.

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