International "Offshore Wind Conference" in Glasgow

Following the 26th World Climate Conference last year. Glasgow will once again become the center of the global effort against climate change on March 8 & 9, 2022. Hosted by Scottish Renewables, the Offshore Wind Conference will bring together stakeholders and experts from across the industry with representatives from interest groups and supplier groups. The GICON® Group will also be actively participating in the conference with its own exhibition stand. As a group of companies, GICON® stands for sustainable, green services and has been a partner of renowned wind farm developers in Germany and abroad for more than 25 years. At the same time, GICON® engineers are pioneers in the development of floating substructures for wind turbines.

Energy generation from renewable sources on the high seas

Dr. Frank Adam, responsible for the topic of wind engineering, was already in Glasgow in November 2021 as a representative of the GICON® Group. He held talks with various partners, customers and investors on the sidelines of the summit in order to advance the topic of wind energy onshore and offshore. This concerns both power generation by wind turbines at sea and its feed-in to the transmission grid onshore as well as direct use offshore. For the oil & gas industry, for example, the reduction of their CO2 emissions through electrification with renewable energies and the self-sufficient operation of production platforms are becoming increasingly important. Dr. Adam and his team have been working intensively in recent years on concepts for floating TLP platforms that are able to supply electricity from wind energy for on-site platform operation. Surplus energy is kept in storage for later use.

GICON® - full-range supplier and pioneer for floating TLP platforms

With its know-how, GICON® has developed into a full-range supplier with an almost unique service portfolio. We offer our customers comprehensive engineering services in the field of onshore and offshore wind - from the turbine to the foundation. The areas of repowering, project development as well as owners engineering and research are united under one roof to implement projects for sustainable energy production.

For almost 15 years, the GICON® Group has been a pioneer in the development of floating substructures for wind turbines. "TLP structures have the advantage of being immensely stable, favoring worldwide deployment on steeply sloping coasts. In addition, our development of floating substructures provides for low material input, enabling us to achieve wind production costs of fixed offshore turbines already today," explains Dr. Frank Adam.