Quality Policy of the GICON® Group of Companies

The GICON® group of companies (GICON® Group) has set itself the goal of meeting the constantly increasing demands of the market for the quality of all services provided by the companies. This objective is expressed in the formulated quality policy, which creates the conditions for committed, quality-conscious work by all employees.

All companies in the GICON® Group and associated partner companies undertake to work uniformly according to the principles of the quality management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 of the GICON® group of companies.

The following company guidelines have been defined as the core points of our quality policy:

Client satisfaction

We place the maintenance and improvement of client satisfaction at the forefront of our actions, because successful and long-term business relationships form the basis of our entrepreneurial activity. The principle of our work is therefore the quality, timely and cost-effective processing of our projects. We ensure that we take into account the state of the art in science and technology as well as current legislation. To increase client satisfaction, the risks and opportunities that may affect the conformity of the service are determined and dealt with accordingly.

Innovative Action

Innovative action is the prerequisite for our claim to provide quality engineering services. Through our own research and development work and cooperation with educational and research institutions, we aim to play a decisive role in shaping the state of science and technology in our specialist areas.


Sustainable and innovative engineering services have formed the core of the GICON® Group's corporate concept for over 25 years. We live sustainability in our use of resources and energy. A responsible approach to risks in favor of a clean environment and a society worth living in is important to us. Our daily work is guided by these principles, and this is how we understand our service to our clients.

Personal Responsibility and Employee Training

Our strength lies in the interdisciplinary cooperation of our employees, which is brought to bear by teams with a high degree of personal responsibility. The specialist knowledge of our employees is achieved and further developed through continuous training. Both the managers and the employees themselves are responsible for this.

Efficiency and Error Prevention

Constantly increasing efficiency in project processing and avoiding errors are the necessary economic basis for our successful work. Our organizational structure guarantees their implementation. The managing directors and employees have the right to critique each other.

Independent Quality

We provide our services as an independent service provider, free from supplier interests. By carefully selecting our cooperation partners and suppliers, we guarantee a consistent quality standard for our products.

Safety, Health and Environmental Protection

The safety and health of our employees, clients and business partners is one of the most important assets to be protected in our day-to-day business activities. We ensure active and practiced health and safety in the workplace as well as the implementation of environmental protection concerns through the following measures:

  • open communication and targeted health and safety training
  • strict compliance with legal and industry-specific requirements
  • selection and deployment of qualified project teams that have extensive technical experience in addition to specialist skills
  • provision of suitable resources, work equipment and protective equipment and
  • responsible use of resources and constant monitoring of working conditions

Above all, we see the promotion of safety, health and environmental protection as a factor for success.

Applicable Law

We comply with all relevant applicable laws and regulations in the performance of our business processes. When dealing with public authorities and institutions, we always act honestly and transparently and in accordance with applicable law.

Financial Integrity

Our employees protect the property and confidential information of the GICON® Group as well as our clients and business partners and document business transactions in accordance with the rules for financial reporting.

Trust and Respect

We strive to create value for our clients and business partners who place their trust in the companies of the GICON® Group and our services. Our companies are convinced that cooperation and mutual business conduct must be characterized by respect, honesty and fairness. We are committed to high quality standards in the provision of our services and promote innovation and a working environment in which the value and dignity of each individual is recognized and in which business partners and employees treat each other with courtesy and honesty.

We are committed to responding to all employee concerns and suggestions. Our Compliance Officer and all responsible persons are always ready to provide guidance and support. There are confidential information channels within the GICON® Group through which information can be shared without concern or fear of reprisals.

How the GICON® Group is perceived by the public as a whole depends largely on each individual. Therefore, the actions of all employees are based on high ethical and legal standards.

We are convinced that social responsibility and fair conduct are important factors for long-term success. It is both a result and a condition of value-oriented and sustainably profitable corporate management.

Fighting Corruption

Corruption harms the GICON® Group, stifles innovation and is illegal. All employees undertake to avoid conflicts that could put their personal interests above those of the GICON® Group. We do not allow ourselves to be influenced in our business decisions by gifts, invitations or other benefits. Business decisions must be based solely on performance. We therefore carefully select suppliers and service providers according to objective criteria.


We act in accordance with the applicable competition law. No agreements are made with competitors on prices, price increases, conditions or capacities with the aim of preventing, restricting or distorting competition.

Donations and Sponsoring

We do not make donations to political parties, individuals or organizations whose goals and principles contradict a democratic legal system or the nature of our business.

We take our social responsibility seriously by donating money and goods for education and science, sport, art and culture as well as for social and humanitarian projects. The identity of the recipient and the planned use are known for all donations. The reason and the intended use of the donation are legally justifiable.