How the GICON® Group and its companies are perceived in general depends largely on each individual. By aligning our actions to high ethical and legal standards, we create trust, prevent conflict situations and protect the reputation of the company.

The individual companies in the GICON® Group are convinced that social responsibility is an important factor for the long-term success of the company. It is both the result and the condition of value-oriented and sustainably profitable corporate management.

Whistleblower system

GICON® firmly believes that openly addressing problems or concerns is the key to constructively resolving existing or impending conflicts. We therefore attach particular importance to ensuring that our employees can actively seek advice at an early stage if they have any questions or doubts. In addition to managers and the relevant specialist departments, such as the Legal and HR departments, the Compliance Officer is also available as a point of contact. This also applies in particular to enquiries from our clients, partners and customers. Please do not hesitate to inform us if you believe that we are violating our values, laws or ethical standards.

Your contact person
Martin Galla
Compliance Officer
Phone: +49 351 47878 7979

We understand, of course, that for effective whistleblower protection, it may be necessary to report concerns confidentially and anonymously. Therefore, the GICON® whistleblower system is another central element of our CMS.

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Our Code of Conduct

The cornerstone of all business activities and compliance measures is the GICON Code of Conduct, which is addressed to all our employees. This code concretises our corporate values into precisely defined, central standards of conduct for all employees. It serves as a guideline for their daily work and is fundamental to our corporate culture.

[PDF Code of Conduct]

In addition, the Supplier Code of Conduct also implements our values and ideas in relation to our suppliers and subcontractors.

[PDF Supplier Code of Conduct]

The following compliance guidelines are derived from the GICON® principles of quality policy:

Applicable law

We comply with all relevant applicable laws and regulations at national and international level for the implementation of our business processes. When dealing with public authorities and institutions, we always act honestly and transparently and in accordance with applicable law.

Trust and respect

The GICON® Group and its companies strive to create value for their customers and business partners who place their trust in our society and our services. The association is convinced that cooperation and mutual business behavior must be characterized by respect, honesty and fairness. We are committed to high quality standards in the provision of our services and promote innovation and a work environment in which the value and dignity of each individual is recognized and in which business partners and employees treat one another with courtesy, honesty and dignity.

The companies in the GICON® Group are committed to responding to all concerns and suggestions from employees. The compliance manager and all responsible persons are always ready to provide guidance and support. There are confidential information channels in the company through which information can be expressed without hesitation and fear of reprisals.

Financial integrity

Our employees protect the property and confidential information of the company, our customers and business partners and document business transactions in accordance with the rules on financial reporting.


Corruption harms the company, stifles innovation and is illegal.

All employees of the GICON® group are committed to avoiding conflicts that could place their personal interests above those of the company. We do not allow ourselves to be influenced in our business decisions by gifts, invitations or other donations.

Business decisions may only be based on performance. We therefore carefully select suppliers and service providers based on factual criteria.


The GICON® Group and its companies act in accordance with the applicable competition law. No agreements are made with competitors about prices, price increases, conditions or capacities with the aim of preventing, restricting or distorting competition.

Donations and sponsorship

The GICON® Group does not fundamentally donate to political parties, individuals or organizations whose goals and principles contradict a democratic legal order or the nature of corporate management.

The GICON® Group assumes its social responsibility by making monetary and material donations for education and science, sports, art and culture as well as for social and humanitarian projects.

The identity of the recipient and the intended use are known for all donations. The reason and the purpose of the donation are legally justifiable.