Water management

Water is one of the most important resources of our planet. Protecting it, but also protecting people from damage caused by the power of water, is the task of all companies in the GICON® Group. We have to ask ourselves important questions: how can we increase the quality of water, how much water will be available to us in the next decades, how can we design water protection?

Our focus:

  • Flood protection
  • Water scarcity
  • Coastal protection
  • Water management

litres of water we consume every day. This includes not only the water we need for physical care, but also the water used in the production of our food, for example in agriculture. Source

billion euros are the necessary expenditures of a project list with priority, supra-regionally effective flood protection measures, which was drawn up by the environment ministers of the federal states. Source

percent of the water supply is used in Germany. That is around 24 billion cubic metres. Source

Protect water sustainably!

Dipl.-Ing. Dieter Poetke
Managing Director BGD ECOSAX GmbH

P: +49 351 47878 9801
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