GICON®-Großmann Ingenieur Consult GmbH awarded as "TOP CONSULTANT 2021

As one of 121 medium-sized companies, GICON®-Großmann Ingenieur Consult GmbH (GICON®-Consult) was awarded the title "TOP CONSULTANT 2021" on June 15, 2021. The company, which belongs to the GICON® group, belongs for the first time to the exclusive circle of German companies, which receive the award. For the award, company data was examined over several months and comprehensive surveys of reference customers were conducted. The patron of TOP CONSULTANT is former German President Christian Wulff.

Managing Director Dr.-Ing. Annett Schröter: "We dedicate this award first and foremost to our engineers. After all, they are the ones who find the right solution for our customers every day and implement it in a targeted manner. In the engineering sector, professionalism, reliability and problem-solving skills are of paramount importance. The fact that our customers attribute these qualities to us fills us with great pride." At the same time, it is also a tribute to all colleagues within the entire GICON® group, says Dr. Schröter, "because it is only through the daily interaction of all companies of the group that we are able to make this top performance possible."

Since the company was founded in 1994 in Dresden, Saxony, it has made a name for itself primarily in the fields of plant & construction planning, environmental and approval planning, and technical informatics. "Since the very beginning, we have seen ourselves as a sustainable environmental service provider with our own innovations. Started with the extensive remediation of contaminated sites, the company today stands for new technology settlements, among others, around electromobility, renewable energies and a sustainable circular economy. Among other things, GICON®-Consult helped Europe's largest battery factory to settle in Arnstadt, Thuringia. At GICON®-Consult, green services are not only thoughts of the future but already lived reality and company DNA.

In addition to the planned and accompanied projects for locations of automotive suppliers and battery production, the comprehensive portfolio of GICON®-Consult also includes biogas plants, chemical plants, combined heat and power plants, pipeline routes, tank farms, wind farms, photovoltaic sites and much more.

"The fact that we also handle these new areas at the highest level without forgetting our roots shows that we have always evolved as a company and never rested on our successes. We owe this success story in enormous part to our company founder, Prof. Dr. Jochen Großmann. With his visionary and courageous decisions, he made GICON®-Consult fit for the future at an early stage and laid the foundation for today's distinction," Dr. Schröter looks back on the changes in business and society over the past decades.

With branches in several German states, GICON®-Consult has also built up an excellent reputation as an engineering service provider throughout Germany. Innovative problem-solving approaches, an in-house R&D department, and the handling of projects that contribute to more sustainable economic cycles round out the company's mission statement. The official company motto "Everything from a single source" is more than a slogan; it is brought to life in every single project. "To offer our customers the best possible result, we form interdisciplinary teams. Special services and expert opinions can be provided in-house. Short coordination channels without loss of information among the project workers not only enable the handling of complex projects, but at the same time ensure compliance with all requirements of clients and authorities," Dr. Schröter explains the strategy of GICON®-Consult.

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