Nanjing Steel and GICON sign MoU

The two companies want to intensify their cooperation in the field of fixed and floating offshore wind. In a joint video ceremony, the Chinese steel company Nanjing Steel (NISCO) and the German GICON Group, an association of internationally active engineering and consulting companies, intensified their cooperation by signing a Memorandum of Understanding. “We would particulary like to work together in the area of fixed and floating offshore wind,” says GICON founder Prof. Jochen Grossmann, describing the joint commitment. "I would like to thank Nanjing Steel Chairman Huang Yixin for the confidential discussions and the conclusion of this agreement!"

Mr. Kai Zhang, Carbon Strategic Advisor of NISCO and GICON adds: “China is a growing market leader and industrial power of renewable energy investments and transitions worldwide. With the economic program of President XI and Chinese Government of circulating policyies, we are developing an innovative and golden path between NISCO and GICON. In the coming years, NISCO is continuing to provide high end deep ocean steel and more components to the worldwide supply chain. GICON® would benefit from the most complete and efficient manufacturing capacity and gaining access to the Chinese renewable energy market through our experts and networks.”

Offshore wind as a pillar for the implementation of the climate goals

Offshore wind can play a leading role in meeting global goals and climate change mitigation targets. Available wind resources in connection with a well-developed international power grid and efficient storage technology can make offshore wind power a baseload provider. NISCO and GICON both focus in this area and want to work together to expand the markets.

Advancing floating substructures for renewable energy utilization

In addition to the design of fixed substructures such as monopiles, as well as environmental planning or geotechnical services for offshore wind, the GICON Group has been working on the development of floating substructures for over ten years. The company is a market leader in the development of Tension Leg Platforms (TLP) for offshore wind and holds numerous patents in this area. Together with NISCO, the GICON Group would like to get involved even more intensively worldwide in the planning and development of floating substructures. "With our technical know-how in the field and the manufacturing-related possibilities as well as the worldwide project network of NISCO, we have a combined team that is well positioned for the renewable energy business and in particular offshore wind energy," describes Dr. Frank Adam, Head of Wind Engineering, the advantages of the cooperation.

At the same time, the two partners are striving to advance the topic of sustainable energy generation from wind for the Chinese market. "The potential in China is enormous," explains Adam. China wants to expand its offshore wind capacities to around 107 GW by 2040. (Source:

About the companies:

The GICON® Group is an association of independent engineering and consulting companies. Group headquarters is in Dresden. Subsidiaries all over Germany guarantee proximity to our German customers. In addition, GICON® also operates internationally and has offices in several countries in Europe, Asia and North America. The GICON® Group's services are Consulting & Engineering as well as Research & Development for many industry sectors. In cooperation with many national and international research institutions, extensive research is carried out in order to guarantee the necessary innovations for GICON® and for our customers and to help determine the state of the art.

Nanjing Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. (NISCO) is a listed steel manufacturer based in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China. NISCO offers services in the field of development, manufacture, design and optimization of construction and materials, quality and cost control and process development. With around 10,000,000 tons of steel, NISCO is one of the 50 most important steel producers worldwide. The company is part of the Nanjing Iron and Steel Group Corp.

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