Very high grades for GICON® InTraBiD farewell performance

Seven Indian junior managers have officially evaluated the farewell performance of GICON® InTraBiD consistently with good and very good grades. After seven years with more than 20 groups and 13 countries from Eastern Europe, Asia, Central Asia, North Africa and Latin America, the small company for international training and business development of the GICON® Group will close its doors at the end of the year. GICON® InTraBiD will not participate in the upcoming project period of the manager training program "Fit for Partnership with Germany" starting in 2022 from the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. Managing Director Dr. Annett Schröter took the opportunity to sincerely thank all employees for their commitment and the compilation of well-founded training content, individually tailored to the respective industries. She also expressed her gratitude to all the companies and experts who were involved in these coaching sessions and who have thus enormously enriched the program through their participation. "Since the establishment of GICON® InTraBiD in February 2014, the companies of the GICON® Group have developed rapidly and also, at the same time, expanded their international activities greatly. In doing so, we have always drawn on our experience with GICON® InTraBiD. But now the time has come for a broader approach to international business and therefore the work will need to continue through the parent company, GICON® - Grossmann Ingenieur Consult GmbH," she explains.

Following an Azerbaijani and a Georgian group, seven Indian executives completed the manager training program in the now established virtual format at the end of 2021. "For us, it was a perfect opportunity to learn a lot about the mindset of German company owners, their attitude towards doing business with India, their perspective on financial issues, as well as their negotiation skills," commented Kamrujjani Sk Md, founder of BIGHT Technologies (manufacturer of marine GPS chartplotters and VHF radio equipment), at the end of the program. The program ran for almost nine weeks.

Professional coaching and intercultural differences

The participants intensively dealt with the topic "Professional Presentation". In training with Dr. Barbara Geldermann, they completed the "Elevator Test," which requires getting a message across to a target person within 30 to 45 seconds. They also discussed the best ways to present their own goals for cooperation with German business partners and many other practical aspects of successful business initiation.

The participants worked aqually active and constructive with Dr. Christina Siemon-Schneider on intercultural communication, discussed negotiation strategies with Dr. Raphael Scjoen, and trained interactively with Stephan Haensch on the creation of business plans using the CANVAS model for visualizing and structuring business models.

German perspectives on international business in particular were met with great interest during the online meetings with German companies. For example, Sales Director Christian Schmidt described the challenges of setting up an Indian subsidiary of the Freiberg-based prototyping company ACTech, which specializes in the production of casting prototypes and small series. The cooperation between the Leipzig law firm KNPP and its Indian partner MC provided insights into the legal prerequisites and practical requirements for entering the German market. After a virtual tour of IMM electronics GmbH Mittweida, participants had an intens discussion with company founder and CEO Prof. Detlev Müller on the management of small and medium-sized enterprises, product development and human resources management.

"The training program does an excellent job in touching on all aspects required for a fruitful cooperation between the companies in India and Germany", concluded Mihir Kulkarni, Director of Jimatra Electro Engineering Ltd. positively at the end of the trainings. Furthermore he said the trainings took into account the basics necessary for a business project, which included drafting contracts, setting up companies, financing projects, managing them and the effective communication skills needed. His comment "We all have shifted our mindset!" was agreed upon, not only by all the young managers, but also by colleagues from GICON® InTraBiD, who were likewise able to learn something from each of the almost 500 participants over the past seven years.

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