Facility Planning

The GICON® -Consult plans your facility as an engineering service provider. We use specialized software for the implementation of the machine set-up, pipeline planning or fire protection concepts.

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Dipl.-Ing. Sebastian Otto
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E: seb.otto@gicon.de

Top References

Extensive repowering of what was formerly Europe's largest wind farm. In the process, 89.1 MW of new wind power was installed.

The Pessin biomethane plant was developed, designed and built to produce biogas from biomass, which is upgraded to biomethane by means of gas treatment (based on pressure swing adsorption). A total of 64,000 t/a are processed.

Umnutzung einer Zwischenlager-halle als Umschlaghalle für nicht gefährlichen Abfall, Hammerweg 23 in Dresden.