From a single source

Complex and innovative engineering services - high quality and customer-oriented from a single source - this claim forms the core of the corporate concept of the GICON® group of companies. This concept has been gradually implemented since the founding of Großmann Ingenieur Consult GmbH in 1994.

We see ourselves as an innovative engineering service provider who, on the basis of an interdisciplinary team, plans and advises according to the state of the art as well as contributes to the state of the art in individual specialist areas through research and development.

GICON® has grown into a respected group of consulting companies since 1994. Starting in Saxony, GICON® has expanded its activities to large parts of Germany as well as various foreign markets. Today we are a group of internationally active consulting and engineering companies with around 600 employees, which can provide services for their customers in many countries, in different languages ​​and according to national standards. The group operates under the protected brand name GICON®.

Sustainability in the use of resources, the use of energy and the extraction of raw materials as well as responsible handling of risks in favor of a clean environment and a society worth living in - both today and in the future - our daily work is based on these guidelines, and so we understand our customer service.

Innovation through research is a hallmark of GICON®. As a service provider for our customers as well as for the further development of the company, we research and develop new processes, products and services. We have created a comprehensive network of cooperative relationships with leading research institutions.

The concept of GICON® is based on self-employed employees with the corresponding freedom in the design of their work. Our previous successful development was only possible through the enthusiasm for innovation, commitment and the specialist knowledge of each individual. We will continue to build on this in the future.

Compliance with the legal framework and the internally introduced regulations for the quality-oriented implementation of customer requirements is a matter of course for the management and the business processes of the GICON® group of companies. GICON® has a quality management system with integrated compliance rules for this, which is regularly checked, improved and certified by external experts.