... we are already implementing them! The GICON® Group is a group of international, independently operating engineering service providers. Sustainability in the handling of resources, in the use of energy and in the extraction of raw materials as well as a responsible approach to risks in favour of a clean environment and a society worth living in - both today and in the future - these are the guidelines that guide our daily work and this is how we understand our service to our customers.

Innovation through research is a GICON® trademark. Both as a service provider for our customers and for the further development of the company, we research and develop new processes, products and services. To this end, we have created an extensive network of cooperative relationships with leading research institutions.


Branches throughout Germany are part of the GICON® Group.


employees work for the companies of the GICON® Group.


projects our teams have worked on in over 25 years.



Thank you for seven eventful years

Presentation of comprehensive engineering services to achieve global climate goals

The two companies want to intensify their cooperation in the field of fixed and floating offshore wind.